SOLEÁ MORENTE “Gitana María" Single Digital

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Last year we got “Vamos A Olvidar”, the first single from the album that Soleá Morente is preparing with Guille Milkyway from LA CASA AZUL. Today we are bringing you the second advance single – “Gitana María” is once again a song that breaks all boundaries. The magic and infinite talent of Guille collides with the enormous personality and eternal seduction of Soleá in an exercise in breakstep, with touches of breakbeat and garage full of Gitano sounds, including a tribute to a really old song that the Gitanos of Sacramonte (neighbourhood in the city of Granada) used to sing way back when. It’s another leap of faith, an epic track in dance and emotion, a lysergic trip to the summer of love and nights that never end, a perfect mix of the solid power of Guille and the intense experimentation of Soleá. This new advance confirms that what’s coming in the new album from Soleá is going to be huge, varied and surprising. Once again, it is a departure from her previous work, confirming her chameleonic status as an artist with great curiosity, always in motion.




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