PUTOCHINOMARICÓN “tu padre es un facha y tu madre una terf" Single

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Just a few days ago we gave you the advance single “soy un idiota”, and we continue bringing you the songs that are included on “pasadas de moda”, the second album from PUTOCHINOMARICÓN’s tetralogy “Segundos Minutos Horas Días”. “pasadas de moda” is an imaginary album from the artist dadá, a nepo baby, who yearns for viral recognition, inspired by the Billy Wilder movie, “Sunset Boulevard”. In fact, the cover of “tu padre es un facha y tu madre una terf” is reminiscent of Joe Gillis’ body when it is found floating in Norma Desmond’s pool after having been murdered. The bare butt is censured by a red star like in gossip magazines, showing how celebrities’ bodies are perverted nowadays to the point that they are objectified even in death.


The song “tu padre es un facha y tu madre una terf” specifically leaves behind the electro and synth-pop style that this new album from Chenta explores, and to do so it includes the collaboration of Iñaki Mendoza on guitar and Fabiana Giménez Barraz on drums. They recorded in the “Estudios Lagartija”, with the Chilean sound engineer Pablo Gálvez Cataldo. Also representing Chile is Chenta’s inseparable travel companion Ignacio Redard, who is back to do the mixing and mastering on this new PUTOCHINOMARICÓN album, and in this occasion also coproduces this single with Chenta. What we have here is punk, the spirit of the Ramones, roughness and speed, immediacy, exactness. We also have trademark lyrics (because this album is overflowing with wit like never before): “​Eres un rebelde de familia bien / Haces indie pop underground y burgués / A la mano del amo no quieres morder / Porque el amo es tu padre y te da de comer” (You’re a credit card rebel / You make bourgeois underground indie pop / You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you / Because the hand that feeds you is your dad’s). Or “Te disfrazas y ocultas tu tufo burgués / Se te ve la etiqueta de El Corte Inglés / La vida resuelta desde antes de nacer” (You dress up to cover your bourgeois stink / Your brand name tag is showing / Your life all figured out before you were born). We are shooting to kill. If we know anything for sure at this point it is that PUTOCHINOMARICÓN does not hold back, they say what’s on their mind, and with straightforward, powerful songs. Let’s go for a hat trick.




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