PUTOCHINOMARICÓN “soy un idiota" Single Digital

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There’s no time for rest. Not a second to breathe. We just barely finished listening to “Afong (Mordió La Mano Del Amo)”, the first album from the project “SMHD (Arte Contenido)” (acronym for Seconds Minutes Hours Days) that Chenta put together, and we’re already bringing you an advance single from the second part, “pasadas de moda” (an imaginary album from the artist dadá, child of nepotism, who longs for viral fame and recognition). And the pen is still a sharp sword. “soy un idiota” is a confession, a kind of self-harm that works as a rebound effect from society’s aggressiveness. Based, sound-wise, on blog house, with echoes of DIPLO, CUT COPY and JUSTICE, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN continues to grow their role as an artist, defying stylistic limits, yes, but also defying the listener, pushing them out of their comfort zone, reflecting on all the things that define our lives these days.


In this case, it is fear of being alone, fear of frustration, fear of not getting what you want. In a world of success, of ultra-filtered Instagrams, all the fears that create an existential vacuum disappear and everything is based on image and on pleasures that fill the empty spaces. And that’s when Chenta lets out: “Me alejo de sueños y alejo a quien quiero / Y por miedo a perderlos no quiero tenerlos” (I push away my dreams and I push away whomever I want / My fear of losing them keeps me from wanting them). Because that is what there is behind the posts – normal people afraid of not having a picture to post, someone to take a picture of themselves having a drink with, to let the whole world know everything is alright and that their life is ideal. But no, no one is spared: “Envidio a la gente que tiene la jeta / De hacer lo que quiere y no entrar en razón / Una NPC con la cabeza hueca / Que no se cuestiona y no siente pudor” (I envy the people who have the gall / To do what they want and not come to their senses / An NPS with an empty head / That doesn’t question anything and doesn’t feel shame). Because it is the age of automats, of robots, of the inverted Turing test.


That’s the cover letter for “pasadas de moda”. Just a few weeks later and another album. One that is also full of things that need to be said, full of provocations and reflections, Music that arrives quickly, but that needs to be taken in slowly. Because as you already know, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN does not follow the beaten path.




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