PIPIOLAS "Crying Mañana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" Single Digital

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PIPIOLAS don’t stop. We have their new album just about to come out of the oven. They have travelled across half Spain, hitting all the summer festivals, winning audiences and critics over with their live shows. And now we have a short film, “Crying Mañana”, that includes two songs from this debut album, and which serves as a soundtrack. Fifteen minutes that tell us the story of Paula and Adriana (did we mention that they’re the stars?), who work for Banda Aparte (a tribute to Godard), a large and prestigious record producer. They answer to Alfredo, whose mission in life is to maintain his company on the cutting edge, but by exploiting his employees. But not all the young people are willing to follow his orders.


And our PIPIOLAS use what they’re made of to do their things. This time we get two new songs, that give the short film the right mood and that make up this Digital Single. “Pogo En Casa” is a techno-pop hit full of unleashed eighties stylings, powerful and unrelenting. And we already told you about “No Soy Un XoXo”. And if it weren’t enough leaving us in awe with that chorus that howls “Tengo la regla” (I’ve got my period), now it’s in the short film.


“Crying Mañana” also includes performances by Luis HerasAbelo Valis and Nicole Wallace (AdrianaPIPIOLAS' cast mate in the Amazon Prime movie "Culpa Mía").


We’re running out of adjectives. Creative, effervescent, unbiased, mad, enlightened, great, hectic, fun, exciting, energetic. There’s no time to catch your breath. It’s PIPIOLAS’ time.


TRACKLIST: 01 Pogo En Casa  02 No Soy Un XoXo









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