PIPIOLAS "No Soy Un XoXo" Single Digital

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We want you to know that the release date for the highly anticipated debut album from PIPIOLAS is getting close. Those of you who have seen them this summer of the festival scene already know that it’s going to be huge. And in case you didn’t already know, we have a new advance single that will be included on the album. “No Soy Un XoXo”. A punk anthem which, just like “Baby,” (in different musical parameters; it’s amazing how good they are at style-hopping) begs for you to dance until you collapse from exhaustion. A feminist anthem against objectification that is full of glorious lines that will we use on thousands of t-shirts, confessions that need to be shouted out, in the best riot grrrl spirit. Have you ever heard a chorus before that said “Tengo la regla” (I’ve got my period)? Well get ready: “Tengo la regla / No estoy en guerra / No todo es por ti, soy una buena cerda” (I’ve got my period / I’m not at war / Everything’s not about you, I’m a good little pig). And get dancing. And then proclaim: “Si a ti tu padre no te quiere / Lo siento mucho, eso duele / Pero no tengo la carrera / De puta enfermera” (If your dad doesn’t love you / I’m sorry, that hurts / But I am not certified / To be a fucking nurse). Because they know what they want. Relax. Release. Feel. Not everyone is going to help you. But don’t worry. PIPIOLAS will write music. And lyrics. You just have to go with it.


Oh, and by the way, the song is part of a very special project (other than being included on the album) that we will give you more information about very soon!


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