MADDIE MAE "Wildflower" Digital Album

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Three years ago, we got our hands on the first solo songs from Maddie Mae (one of the singers from THE YEARNING, the main project from Joe Moore, who has also been responsible for producing and writing for Lia Pamina, THE PERFECT KISS, JULIE ET JOE, Cristina Quesada and Maddie Mae herself). “Baby, You’re An Angel” and “Stay The Same” brought us something passionate, full of that electronic tension in something close to downtempo that makes Maddie’s exquisite voice shine, in the style of artists like Lana Del Rey, SZA, Billie EilishSuki Waterhouse, Lorde and Arlo Parks. And in the meantime, over a low flame, our two stars have continued to cook up a majestic album, on which Maddie has delved into the feelings and ideas that she wanted to get onto her debut album. A few days ago, we got a taste with “Polaroid Love”, which confirmed that is going to be something huge. And the result is “Wildflower”, an album that is full of elegance, glamour, delicacy and exoticism, thanks to the versatility with which Joe Moore builds the soundscapes that Maddie’s voice fills with thousands of feelings, nuances, and emotions.


Our star has taken inspiration from all forms of art, from poetry to dance, including music, books, and movies that she has discovered over these past three years. And the palette of styles is so wide it moves between the Amy Winehouse-style soul of “Black Liquorice”, the disco spirit of “Day Dreaming” and the R’n’B style of Carly Rae Jepsen on “Stay The Same”, or that Beyoncé’s touch of trap on “Medusa”. We can hear Lana Del Rey and her melancholic landscapes of “Used To” and “Cool Like You”, the pop excitement that Miley Cyrus has on “Lose You” and Lorde’s ability to create cathartic environments like on “Sunshine”. All of these references (we could name so many more) just give us a general idea of the way Maddie has given shape to an album that places her at their level, because her voice has the personality and versatility to compose a handful of marvelous songs, the kind that break hearts and work you up to the point of tears.


TRACKLIST: 01 Baby You're An Angel  02 Black Liquorice  03 Day Dreaming  04 Stay The Same  05 Polaroid Love  06 Medusa  07 Lose You 08 Used To  09 Cool Like You  10 Sunshine (Feat. Liberty Wise)





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