MADDIE MAE "Polaroid Love" Single Digital

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After “Baby, You’re An Angel” and “Stay The Same” we hadn’t had any more news about the solo album that Maddie Mae, after her journey with THE YEARNING, had started working on with, of course, her inseparable Joe Moore. And today we bring you two big pieces of great news: the album, “Wildflower”, will be here imminently, and as an advance, we are bringing you the third single, “Polaroid Love”. On this song, we can see the influence of Lana Del Rey and her melancholic landscapes where she talks about that love that slowly takes shape, that is cooked over a low flame, the same way colors start to come in on a Polaroid. She explains it perfectly herself: “I always take photos using my Polaroid camera, and when the picture comes out blank at first, nobody knows how it will turn out; you have to be patient enough to wait. Seeing that Polaroid develop from almost nothing, just ink under the film, echoed how I was feeling at the time with this new romance forming right under my skin. When I finally sat down to write, it was so clear that the lyrics came to me in just fifteen minutes. I recorded the first draft and sent it over to Joe to ask him to produce some music to go with it and, as he always does, he understood the essence the song should capture perfectly”. Exciting and heartbreaking, this is a song that, together with its two predecessors, makes us foresee that “Wildflower” is going to be huge.








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