YASUHARU KONESHI (PIZZICATO FIVE) and FITNESS FOREVER collaborate for an ad campaign in Japan

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Yasuharu Konishi is one of the members of the legendary Japanese band PIZZICATO FIVE, capable of taking lounge music, samba, and sixties sounds to the dance floor; the Japanese producer and composer has always been a reference for Elefant Records. Recently, he agreed to compose the soundtrack for an ad campaign for a product from the company SOYJOY, and he asked CarlosNico and Scialdone from FITNESS FOREVER to join him for the occasion and do the vocals. And the Italian group put their all into those marvelous harmonies that accompany the accelerated, contagious music that Konishi composed. These kinds of collaborations make it possible for the artists to develop a mutual admiration, from the confines of pop.



FITNESS FOREVER is currently recording songs that will be included on their fourth album, so we will have more news from them about their new songs very soon.


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