AIKO EL GRUPO "k pesao" Single Digital and Video

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No reservations. A more solid, more powerful sound every time. With harmonies that make us fall even harder. And their rage. Their ability to let it go. Their aggressiveness and power. All of these things are AIKO EL GRUPO’s new hit, “k pesao”. One of their strongest songs so far? That’s saying a lot, but the way the song builds, the way the harmonies open, and how the guitars get dirtier until they get to that final coda, with all of them singing “Qué me dejes en paz” (Just leave me alone), definitely places it among their best compositions, and radically among the most moshable songs in recent years. What a hit! What a shot of energy!


GRAPA (Jorge Pesquera, Teresa Iñesta and Bárbara López) is once again responsible for the music video, a mix between innocent and dark, where esthetic is key. The group unleashes all of their fury in an ambiguous setting, a kind of room that is both sweet and disgusting. Rage, bile, revulsion. In the video, art (Nuria López and Irene Rujas) takes a leading role, as does makeup (Paula del Río), hair (Manu Repila) and wardrobe (Dana Sevillano), all focused on creating an esthetic that transmits these feelings from the first viewing.




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