TELECLUB "Al Final Del Verano" Single Digital

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After “El Karry”, we are bringing you the second advance single from the imminent new EP by TELECLUB, “Recordarás Mi Nombre”. This time, “Al Final Del Verano” gives us another great example of their fresh, lively, colorful and direct techno-pop. It is a new ode to hedonism, unforgettable moments, and escapism: “Y esperaremos otro año / La distancia no me hará olvidar / Para siempre guardaré todas las fotos que hice este verano” (And we’re waiting for another year / The distance won’t make me forget / I’ll always keep all the pictures I took this summer). With the production work by LEFTEE and cover art again by Olaya from AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, Daniel, Juanjo and Andrea leave us with the sweet taste of honey on our lips, waiting for their EP to arrive. And until then, we will be dancing.






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