DIE KATAPULT: "Waschmaschine / Mücken" Double Digital Single

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We have big news for fans of that very special duo formed by Anna Fredriksson and Elena Comas. DIE KATAPULT are reuniting for a performance in the Scenica festival in Sicily on May 12, and are simultaneously releasing two Digital Singles, with two different songs produced by Ian Catt (SAINT ETIENNE, TREMBLING BLUE STARS, THE FIELD MICE, SHAMPOO, THE SCHOOL…), and two different album covers.


The first is “Waschmaschine” which dives right into their catalog of pedagogical songs: step by step instructions to learn how to use the washing machine, with the approval of Karl BartosFlorian Schneider and everything that at some point had something to do with KRAFTWERK and robots. Even Isaac Asimov would give his blessing to an exercise like this. Have you ever imagined dancing disco while doing the laundry? Well, if you haven’t then you clearly have a problem. Thank goodness we have DIE KATAPULT to solve it. That problem and all the others too.





The second is “Mücken”, probably one of the craziest songs never released by the band, insistent, martial, moshable, with the buzz of a mosquito included. How many choruses have you heard that cry “Hay que fumigar / Sin pesticidas” (We need to fumigate / Without pesticides)? A cry for environmentalism. And with an exquisitely fun melody.




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