TELECLUB: "El Karry" Digital Single

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TELECLUB has new songs. After two outstanding hits like “Xiki Yokse” and “Mi Crush Del Autobús”, they’re back with “El Karry” as an advance of a new 4-song EP that will be called “Recordarás Mi Nombre”. Drum machines, synthesizers, synth-pop, electropop. And, of course, guitars with distortion and overflowing euphoria. In fact, that’s what “El Karry” talks about – a Saturday night that starts off like any other Saturday night and ends up being something special, unique, unforgettable. And they really get it right with the melodies, this time with a bubble gum spirit and that chorus to sing at the top of your lungs “Salir con mis amigas al Karry, hoy” (Go out with my friends to Karry, tonight), which is exactly what they recorded on their phones with their whole crew the night this song was born. Because, who said you can’t combine going out and writing songs at the same time?


And with this single, there is a music video that matches the theme perfectly: a three-minute long “The Hangover”, psychedelic, comic, surreal, where one of our protagonists, after a day of partying, tries to reconstruct what happened the previous night. It is a song meant to be an anthem, that can win over fans of ALIZZZ as well as of 9CKLES, and where the production by LEFTEE (Toxic Pop, LABORDE, NEVVER) and the cover art, again by Olaya (AXOLOTES MEXICANOS) take on a special role.





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