NENAS "xfa" Digital Single and Video

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Celia Spellman continues to share songs from her upcoming first EP under the name of NENAS. And if just a few weeks ago we were going crazy over “Fuckboys”, now it’s time for “xfa”. This is an ultra-danceable track, full of euro disco and techno-pop, with a catchy, addictive chorus, that at the same time tackles the topic of social anxiety head on. How hard it is to find love when you panic just look that special person in their eyes. When you seek refuge in fantasy, and social networks become a means of spying that eats away at your soul. As Celia herself says: “xfa is like a cry for help from a dolphin trapped in a tank”.


The music video, new work from Celia together with Yana Zafiro, DETROIT and Luis Bastida through their brand-new production company, Polígono, in which Celia continues to play with the mystery of her identity, uses contrasts between childishness and darkness, challenging the camera in a fight to the death. Obviously, she always wins the fight. And by extension, so do we.




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