NENAS "Fuckboys" Single Digital and Video

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Celia Spellman is at the front of a personal project full of mystery, emotions, and songs like diamonds. And we are announcing the launch of the first advance for what will be NENA’s first Digital EP for Elefant Records, as part of our “New Adventures In Pop” collection – a 4-song EP that will be revealed and savored piece by piece. “Fuckboys” is a disenchantment with the night reflected in a song that goes from europop to chiptune, that shares certain similarities with PUTOCHINOMARICÓN in that need to separate from conformity and classification (maybe that’s why her real identity is a secret). Crackling bases and frequencies stretched out over pop melodies that build an immediate hit. And for the occasion, we have a music video directed together with Yana Zafiro (who she collaborated with on her first album) and DETROIT, produced by the very new production company Polígono (which was created by these three restless minds along with Luis Bastida), in what is one of their trademarks: a music video with the finest production, perfectly executed, where we see our protagonist in a plastic room playing the song, intermixed with Apollonian bodies, massive biceps, and digital effects. A tremendous delight.




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