NOS MIRAN "Siempre Igual" Single and Video

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Sergio Rodríguez and Marta Quintana are keeping up their intense discographic activity. In addition to their debut Mini-LP, their Digital Singles, and that magnificent album (“Todo Se Repite”) they have released since they got started in 2018, we are adding a new and imminent full-length with the same title as the song that is coming as an advance, “Siempre Igual”, and that we are bringing you today. Once again, they are focusing on what is special and unique about what they have to offer: the mix of songs that are so easy to dance to, between disco and techno-pop, perfect choruses, with lyrics that alternate between real and surreal, and an important philosophical position. “El miedo a equivocarnos / Me hace hacerlo todo mal / Ese error / Nos tiene alejados / Como una oscura señal” (Fear of making a mistake / Makes me do everything wrong / That mistake / Separates us / Like a dark signal). The music video, directed again by Antonio Máiquez (who again honors his important role in the group’s audiovisual work), reinforces this idea: lights, cars, undefined spaces, that symbol of the infinite that appears everywhere and that is incessantly erased. This is multifaceted work, equal parts reflexive and enjoyable, a highly inexplicable rara avis, like a wormhole that carries us from one dimension to another in less than a millisecond.




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