CARABALLO "Tu Puñal" Single and Video

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While we wait for CARABALLO’s imminent debut album with Elefant Records, we continue to pull out some of the incredible pieces that are going to be a part of it. Now we have “Tu Puñal”, with that acoustic guitar accompanied by that percussive keboard, the layers of voices reciting, “Nadie llega al corazón / Es de piedra” (Nobody touches the heart / It is made of stone) andthose lines that make something inside you break as soon as you hear them. “No puedes romper / Algo que ya fue / Partido en pedazos una y otra vez / Por mucho que claves / Tu puñal” (You can’t break / Something that was already / Smashed in tiny pieces again and again / No matter how deep you push / Your dagger). And those layers of synthesizers, showing off Carlos’ ability to create a warm cushioning of sound, close, intimate, evocative. And another music video from Bandiz Studio where they also play with textures and focuses, our protagonist singing or walking through the city at night, trying to find a way to transmit that feeling of warmth, light, that there is someone special who has something to tell us.




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