ELEFANT 2022: summary of the year

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Every year comes with new challenges, with new hopes and excitements, new albums, new groups. But it is also comforting to look back at the end and see if we did everything we planned, and if all our plans met our expectations. And of course, they did. Albums that should have really taken off and others that did unexpectedly. But above all, one-of-a-kind artists, the kind we believe in so deeply, and who continue to surprise and excite us. 2022 was the year when PUTOCHINOMARICÓN went above and beyond all the limits of a conceptual, philosophical and anti-philosophical, and stylistically groundbreaking album. The year when Bobby Wratten, with his LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR, reached the skies again and was recognized by critics and audiences the way he deserves to be recognized, with a series of very special, very limited-edition releases. The year when MARINITA PRECARIA and AMOR BUTANO released full-lengths that proved how special and unique what they do is. The year we danced to the beat of Italo Disco with Cristina Quesada (with the blessings of Joe Moore). And when Maria Rodés broke our hearts with her trembling voice and indescribable delicacy. When we reclaimed psychedelia and that slippery figure of Jupiter Apple. And please let’s not forget that marvelous debut from those geniuses of melancholic pop and shoegazing, BUBBLE TEA AND CIGARETTES. And a ton of releases in different formats from AIKO EL GRUPO, Soleá Morente, THE HEPBURNS, TRONCO, NEVVER, INTERROGACIÓN AMOR, LISASINSON, LA CASA AZUL, BMX BANDITS, rebe, MARIA RODÉS Y LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID, LABORDE, COUR DE RÉCRÉ, TELECLUB or Lia Pamina.


And of course, in 2022 we did something we love – discovering new bands, new collaborations, and new groups. And we are excited just imagining what lies ahead for PIPIOLAS and CARABALLO.


We love what we do, and we love that you are here with us one more year. 2023 is going to be a year full of incredible surprises.


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