TELECLUB "Mi Crush Del Autobús" Single Digital

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After that surprising “Xiki Yokse” they made themselves known with, Dani, Juanjo and Andrea are back from Valdavida (León), with a new song, where they lay out their solid lyrics full of self-confident ease, and a very energetic exercise in punk-pop. “Mi Crush Del Autobús” sounds like a hit from the title alone, and as if we could expect anything less, it talks about that strange situation that is both exciting and uncomfortable, when two people’s eyes meet on the bus and it seems like they could be something more than just two strangers. And it does it with freshness, ease, good rhythms and a certain acerbic tone. And the marvelous chorus, hyper-melodic, addictive. And that’s what we see in the video directed by Santi Capuz, where our protagonists ride the city bus to the rhythm of the song, while evoking that special moment. The single is produced, mixed and mastered by LEFTEE, from the Valencian Toxic Pop collective, who has been very prolific and inspired lately. The cover art, once again, is by Olaya (AXOLOTES MEXICANOS), showing off how well she moves in these grounds, beyond composing and performing.




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