LISASINSON "Canción De Entretiempo" Single Digital

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After hearing LISASINSON’s renewed sound with the new era that their previous single, “No Sé Muy Bien”, opened, the group from Valencia is back with another big hit, one that makes you want to immediately sing along, where pop overwhelmingly triumphs. “Canción De Entretiempo” opens the path to tenderness, to poetry, and the most appealing costumbrismo, with a solid, agile, nervous sound with small echoes of post-punk (that bass) and, once again, with stratospheric choruses. LISASINSON’s concerts are for singing non-stop, and these new songs take it to the next level, both for volume and for the urge to dance. Danceable, so ephemeral that it needs to played on a loop, with those guitars with the delay that are so well recorded by Carlos Hernández (CAROLINA DURANTE, AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, AIKO EL GRUPO, TRIÁNGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO), and melodies that really hit the mark.


And Miguel Yubero is in charge, once again, of finishing off this Digital Single with a video that makes that “Canción De Entretiempo” (song for between seasons) an exercise in contrasts and textures: hot and cold, day and night, blues and oranges. And our protagonists giving life to one of those songs that hits deep, enjoying themselves while they sing and play, making us feel their love of life, the urgency to enjoy every second. These two singles so far from LISASINSON – just wow. And you don’t even know what’s still to come.


TRACKLIST: 01 Canción De Entretiempo



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