INTERROGACION AMOR “el amor esta en el aire" Single Digital

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A few weeks ago, we gave you the advance of “NADA!”, the sonic (and structural) twist the new trajectory of INTERROGACIÓN AMOR has taken. And Carlos and Javier are still riding the wave of the explosion of prolific creativity, because they are giving us a new single, “el amor está en el aire”, and are letting us know about their new album called “cómo un ángel podría romper mi corazón” which will reach stores this coming June. On this new single, the second advance from this highly anticipated new album, our protagonists continue to play with eighties synth-pop concepts that they use with intelligence and imagination. So many things come to mind when we read the title of the song. And then we hear: “El amor está en el aire y yo me voy a ahogar” (Love is in the air and I’m going to drown). And then we see the cover (designed once again by Pablo Aragón) and we see a hand, holding a still-burning cigarette, buried among stones. And we know it’s them, without a doubt. All of this is done with elegant, silky, sumptuous arrangements, with a change of key included, in the best tradition of the great Broadway composers, but with a melody that shows off the best bedroom pop references, in two minutes of pure exquisiteness, that puts them back at the top of the list of current electronic pop artists. This is a highly addictive delicacy, a chorus that settles into our heads almost before you realize it, that sophisticated and sweet cynicism… And we are so excited to listen to the whole album, to let the minutes and minutes of these minds in an authentic state of grace wash over us.



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