PUTOCHINOMARICON (feat. GFOTY) "Tamagotchi" Single Digital and Video-Clip

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While we are waiting for “JÁJÁ ÉQÚÍSDÉ (Distopía Aburrida)”, the get here, we continue to advance pieces of one of the most exciting puzzles to be published in a long time. Because Chenta Tsai’s new album challenges the world on so many levels, and with “Tamagotchi” it is definitively confirmed. Produced by Chenta, mixed and mastered by Ignacio Redard and with the stellar collaboration of GFOTY (Girlfriend Of The Year), it is a twisted exercise in digicore, with a nasty, addictive, catchy and danceable chorus. It is the story of the strange emotions of being “online”, the feeling that you are constantly being watched mixed with the pleasure of being connected. To capture this, Daniel Cuenca has prepared a space odyssey full of special effects, where Chenta and GFOTY dance and travel amidst galactic waves and green aliens.


It is a challenge to the limits of what has been established until now, the cry of a generation that sees a world that many can’t see. Or are afraid to. That is why we need artists like Chenta, who can see deeper, who can break down the symptoms of the times we live in and take them to a new level. Keep your eyes peeled, because “JÁJÁ ÉQÚÍSDÉ (Distopía Aburrida)” is going to be wild.



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