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We are still discovering songs (this is the fourth already) from this marvelous project born in New York called BUBBLE TEA AND CIGARETTES, which takes us reminiscent landscapes that bring "Levitating" to life in the most nostalgic way.


Kat and Andi continue to take us on a dreamy journey with slow-motion melodies, vintage synth, ethereal vocals, and ultimately to a secret cosmopolitan night walk with Liz -- their latest single, where they once again play with nocturnal nostalgia and that surreal, dreamlike feeling. This is all corroborated by the exquisite video filmed by Xinyi Zhu, an LA-based director originally from China who was recently recognized for her short film, “Kindling”, in the Palm Springs International Shortfest and the Houston International Film Festival. With Eva Zhao’s magnetic presence, we journey through the night of Shanghai, among the lights, neon, chiaroscuros, hidden corners, smiles, velvet… It is an experiment in visual poetry, urban expressionism, and it is the perfect match for BUBBLE TEA AND CIGARETTES’s music.


Mixing is once again in the hands of Anthony "Rocky" Gallo (Norah JonesCat Power, THE XX, CIGARETTES AFTER SEX, THE KILLERS, THE CLIENTELE…) and mastering has also been given again to Greg Calbi (Stevie WonderJohn LennonDavid Bowie, TAME IMPALA, ARCADE FIRE, St. Vincent, PERFUME GENIUS, BLONDIE, Aretha Franklin and a very long etcetera). Because they consider every detail, because subtlety matters. A lot.




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