STILL DREAMS "Live With Excuxe" Single

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While the Japanese duo, STILL DREAMS (who we were introduced to recently with that fantastic single, “Ultra Doomed”), gets their debut on Elefant Records ready, we are advancing a few of their songs as Digital Singles. And “Live With Excuse” is an absolutely spectacular appetizer. It is one of the more intense songs from their upcoming Mini-LP, “Make Believe”, full of dense, epic, euphoric textures, but with an absolutely addictive and dreamy melody. As if a Phil Spector of the XXI century had made a beyond perfect pop album with BLONDIE. We can see this in the video, directed by Keisuke Maeda, that has Ryuta and Maaya surrounded by nature, playing music in a river, later letting themselves be bathed in fireworks at nightfall. It is an epic explosion of euphoria, working from the pop essence of groups like M83 and ARCADE FIRE. A wall of sound hiding major melodies, or a reformulation of MY BLOODY VALENTINE’s universe through synthesizers.


But this single also comes with a previously unreleased song, “Telepathy”, which lets their clubbier facet loose (and this time the leading vocals are from Ryuta), and evokes NEW ORDER at their most festive and luminous. All of this with an incredible new manga-inspired cover by KNN.5.



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