AIKO EL GRUPO: "Quiero Conocer (Por Tu Actitud)" Single and Video-Clip

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We are still discovering some of the songs that will soon become part of the first full-length release from AIKO EL GRUPO - an orange, 10” vinyl Mini-LP that will be called “Va Totalmente En Serio...” And we continue hooked on their carefree impertinence. This “Quiero Conocer (Por Tu Actitud)” is a new exercise in iconoclastic attitude, in melodic energy, in juvenile explosiveness, and well-refined spite. Urgent guitars, out of control effects, and an eye for the hit. There is no need to look any further. It is time to dance!

In fact, the video directed by Santi Capuz (THE YEARNING, NEVVER, RUSH WEEK, LA BIEN QUERIDA, Soleá Morente) for this song makes absolutely clear the group’s self-confidence and total lack of inhibitions when it comes to making music. Costumes, dances, fights, make-up, funny faces and loads of fun. They are getting ready to take that leap. Are you?



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