STILL DREAMS: "Last True Love" Single and video advance álbum

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STILL DREAMS’ music is like a journey. Each new song we have advanced from their imminent album, “Make Believe”, unites their capacity for the evocative and the dreamlike with exquisite pop melodies, danceable beats and all those characteristics that have made us such longstanding fans of pop music made in Japan. And “Last True Love” is no different. With that chorus that illuminates summer nights, Maaya’s sweet voice and Ryuta’s rhythms, they build one of those new hits that traces the connections between a physical movement and the feelings that hide behind it.


If on “Ultra Doomed” we enjoyed the intimate lights of Japanese cities and on “Live With Excuse” we were transported to more bucolic landscapes, the excellent video for “Last True Love” takes us (with Keita Muraki’s images) from the neon lights of Osaka, the crosswalks, the lights and billboards all over the city, to the sea. As a physical journey that reveals an internal one, magnificently represented by the dancer Kento Ebihara, who is truly magnificent partnering with the dancer Luna Mia Takagi, showing all the many aspects of the music of STILL DREAMS. Kodai Kitanobo’s chroma keying with Maaya’s dancing, the montage, the special effects, and Daniel Cuenca’s project coordination work all come together to make an absolutely exquisite audiovisual document.

And as a final gift within this Digital Single, just before the album comes out, we have a previously unreleased song: “Get Over” is like a northern soul song taken to the territory of electronic pop and dream pop. Once again, silk and sparkle, teardrops in sunbeams, hedonism and hope. That is what STILL DREAMS’ music is.



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