GOMET: "Admiradora Secreta" Single Digital and Video-Clip

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After that debut Digital Mini Album that had such an impact, “Ser Mayor Es Un Rollo”, the duo from Valencia, GOMET, continue to showing off their song-writing arsenal with this new Digital Single: “Admiradora Secreta”. This song leaves the childish ambiguity of their first songs behind, to embrace – also from a mini context – much more brutal and striking lyrics, on a song that at times comes close to industrial music. Cynical and solid, aggressive and merciless, “Admiradora Secreta” continues to confirm GOMET as a group with an unclassifiable, overwhelming personality, for whom musical labels do not begin to cover it. In barely 3 minutes, they tear up all of John Hughes’s legendary movies about secret teenage love. And once again, Diego Navarro provides the images for the song with a 3D animated video that reaffirms the group’s iconography (those kids with the green circle on their face), mixed with robots, aliens, and six-year-old guitar-heroes. Like we said, this is unclassifiable. A mix between guilty pleasure, terror and maliciousness runs through our veins when we ask ourselves, “what will they do next?”



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