CRISTINA QUESADA: "Think I Heard A Rumour" Single Digital and Video

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We continue to pull hits from an album that is packed full of them, and the thing is, the collaboration between Joe Moore (THE PERFECT KISS, THE YEARNING) and Cristina Quesada has turned out to be a practically infallible hit factory. And since we can expect nothing less, the title track for the album, “Think I Heard A Rumour” is further proof. Impeccable euro-disco with luminous choruses that overflow with youthfulness, energy and decisiveness. This song is very well accompanied on this Digital Single by two surprising elements. The first, a video by Daniel Cuenca - an authentic exercise in interior design, somewhere between kitsch and dreaminess, between sophisticated lights and the impossible colors of neon at night. This is a tremendously visual work, full of mirror play, symmetries and effects. The second surprise is a version, produced by Joe himself, of THE BANGLES’ “Manic Monday”. A more danceable version, but that maintains that eighties spirit that made this hit the anthem of a generation for so many lovers of that fantastic decade.

Further proof of one of those composter/performer tandems marked by the magic of the amazing discoveries that come out of such a relationship. They are not rumours. It is a danceable reality.



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