LINDA GUILALA: "Agosto" Single 7"

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LINDA GUILALA continue to expand their discography at surprisingly large strides. Their collection of Singles is already quite considerable. We were recently talking about an exclusive Single for the English label Sonic Cathedral, with the subsequent tour on British soil. Now it’s Germany, specifically the label Dreams Never End (a tribute to the NEW ORDER song), specialized in shoegaze and with only three Singles under its belt so far, that will release the physical version - a limited-edition, yellow-vinyl – of the new Single by Eva, Iván and Mari. Here at Elefant, we will release the digital version of these songs for the rest of the world, so that nobody is left without the possibility of hearing these two hits.



“Agosto” has two previously unreleased tracks. The title-track seems to have wanted to join in on the tribute the label’s name makes, and with that LINDA GUILALA pull out the digital synthesizers, the drum kits and the military tempo for a dark, sad song that turns the typical summer story of unforgettable romance upside down. The B side, “Salga Bien” plays with the same elements but this time stays within the group’s more customary parameters: melancholic ambiance, deep reverb, ferocious guitars building huge walls, hand in hand with keyboards. This release will also come with a few tour dates in Germany, France and Spain.

It is clear that this group based in Galicia is comfortable with the Single format. They haven’t missed the target once, with the songs that captivate us. What will the next journey for LINDA GUILALA’s songs be? We can tell you this – the bags are packed and their next step before finishing the year will be another Single with two new songs, this time on the American label Test Pattern Records.




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