NEVVER "Varsovia" Advance Digital Single from their debut Mini-LP for New Adventures In Pop

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Let us introduce you to NEVVER, the newest group in our “New Adventures In Pop” collection. Giving you two songs as a Digital Single felt insufficient to us, but sometimes they best way to make an entrance is very slowly, without making too much noise. Coming in little by little so as to not miss a single detail.


NEVVER is a trio from Getafe (Madrid) made up of Javier Aparicio (vocals), Borja Aranda (keyboards and guitars) and Raúl Serrano (bass) that sounds urban in a way that nobody has ever sounded urban before. They sound melancholy in a way that redefines the whole concept of melancholy and brings them closer to current feelings; less bucolic and tempestuous, more instantaneous and artificially light. They play with the elements of styles like shoegaze, dream pop, trap, hip hop, synth pop… To come up with their own discourse that is absolutely differentiating.


And there is no better proof of this than “Varsovia”. The repetitive, dragging flow, the rhymes that take you through a nocturnal nightmare, where pride beats against the walls of the city. The synthesizer that seems to walk us through the most bucolic scenes of “Drive”, the fine, fragile bass that is also seeped in emotion, like THE XX, the buildings that show a solid but oddly friendly face – they there is nothing for us to do. “Redención” lets some light in. More open chords, the guitar with echoes like the kind the Robin Guthrie liked, slowcore military-style… Everything is crazy, but at least we can look it straight in the eye, with self-esteem as high as it can go.

In order for you to better understand the imaginarium of such a special group, we are giving you the video filmed by Diego Disco Rosa, where we move between hazy, mysterious atmospheres, with the ruins of a city that always appears in the background. Unrepentant, imposing.

We are so excited to show you more. Soon, on “New Adventures In Pop”. For now, enjoy these two little miracles.






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