RUSH WEEK “Stranger Danger”: on the soundtrack of the Netflix show “Elite” and new video

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Many people have fallen in love with the nocturnal magic of “Stranger Danger”, one of the songs from “Feels”, the first album by RUSH WEEK, the duo from Philadelphia formed by Rachel K. Haines and the producer James Benjamin Thomas. “Stranger Danger” is included in the soundtrack of the fourth episode of the Netflix hit show “Élite” (their first single, “Feelings” was also chosen for the second episode). Today we are releasing the video for the song that highlights its fascinating nocturnal characteristics. It’s a journey through the lights and shadows of the night, led by the Argentine director living in Madrid, Santi Capuz. The thing is, “Stranger Danger” plays at being a dazzling mystery, blinding, with a seductive and addictive chorus. Super melodic but slippery electronic pop, with a hopeful THE XX, or as if St. Vincent were going to do a cover of TALK TALK, trying to find the pop formula of the future. Enjoy.




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