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Metronome [En]: "Sisters Before Misters" en el top de Agosto [Reseña]



Desconcierto [Es]: "Sisters Before Misters"

 Puede que el revival C86 y el sonido californiano comience, a estas alturas, a resultar un tanto cansino, pero la añoranza que destila el último trabajo de Wild Balbina, “Sisters before misters” (Elefant, 2014) te atrapa desde Stay Alive, su primer corte. Se trata de un hit que nos acer…



The Independent [En]: Girl power is back

Girl power is back: A new wave is reigniting the fight against sexist attitudes in music         They’re not 'super-girly', nor are they rabidly feminist. They just want to be in a band, the way men can just be musicians without having to fight for itPAUL LESTER      Friday 05 Decembe…



NME [En]: Radar section

The Buzz - Hear 19 New Bands From NME (Plus One From Honeyblood)   If you've read Courtney Barnett's tip columns for Radar you'll already know she's better at being an A&R scout than most actual A&R scouts. Fraser A. Gorman (above) is a fine case in point. He's been part of Court…



Blood Buzze [En]: Interviewing Wild Balbina

Thursday, November 27, 2014   These Go to 11: interviewing Wild Balbina  Keeping Galizian indie power! Second time in a row interviewing a great band from that region (coincidence or signal there's something going on there?). This week we have the pleasure to count with the answers, riot grrrl …



BBC 2 RADIO, Huey Morgan [En]: 'Stay Alive' on BBC Radio 2 [Audio]

'Stay Alive' on BBC Radio 2 Pincha AQUÍ02:29.00 



The All Thrills No Frills Music [En]: Elefant Uk Party in London [Reseña]

An excellent Elefant Records party at the weekend. Coinciding with the anniversary of John Peel's passing on, it felt right to be at a night filled with upbeat indie and lo‐fi pop bands, joyously running amok! A fledgling outing for Amelia Fletcher's new band with her husband, Rob Pursey w…











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