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Rese?a concierto Camera Obscura + Trembling Blue Stars + La Casa Azul + Dj Polar [Soft Pop Tour 2004, Playa Club, A Coru?a]

Soft Pop Tour 2004 [Mondosonoro]foto: Archivo Elefant




Bobby Interviewed by Lizused without permission - © Excellent OnlineWebsite: excellent onlineI was fortunate enough to get a short Q&A session with Bobby Wratten of the Trembling Blue Stars (formerly The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library). Bobby and Beth can be s…



Alive to every smile

Trembling Blue StarsAlive to Every Smile[Sub Pop; 2001]Modern technology sure is swell, isn't it? Today, modern aircraft technology got me from Indianapolis to Boston in six hours, with a stop in Newark in between. Modern airport security technology let the people in charge know that I was carrying …




While it is true that many of his songs can depress one to no end, meeting Bobby Wratten is not like meeting death -- he's extremely friendly and very fun to chat with. The first band to benefit from his fantastic lyrical gifts was the Field Mice. They're always mentioned in "twee" circles, which…




Farewell to Forever Exclusive Interview With Bobby Wratten, 10 February 20013:00 pm Saturday afternoon... It was raining again, it was one year later and we were sitting listening to the crap support bands doing their soundcheck while trying to hear to what Bobby had to say to us... What really exci…




Breaking up and making musicused without permission - © San Francisco Bay GuardianBOBBY INTERVIEWED BY MICHELLE GODLBERG FOR NOISE, OF THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN website: Bob Wratten of Trembling Blue Stars makes love go pop. LATELY IT SEEMS as if talk-show nation has infiltrated…




Interview to Ben from Vendetta MagazineUsed with permission - © VendettaWebsite: VendettaRobert Wratten has been one of the more unsung songwriting talents over the past decade, having made some classic records with The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library, and now, his latest incarnation Trembling…











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