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The last holy writer

Trembling Blue Stars- the last holy writerlabel : elefantannée de sortie : 2007style : Indie Pop - Electro Popartistes similaires - influences : Blueboy - The Orchids - Belle & Sebastian - The Field Mice - Northern Picture Library - The Wake - Mazzy Star - Saint Etienne - New Order - The Cure - …



The last holy writer

Trembling Blue Stars Return With The Last Holy WriterAlthough he's sworn off the whole playing live thing, Bobby Wratten hasn't forgotten the kids who'd prefer to pine away their hours in dimly lit bedrooms, watching the raindrops roll down their windowpanes, lost in wistful reverie-- all while indu…



The last holy writer

We spoke with Love Dane about the Sarah spirit a while ago, but that was without taking its soul into account. Bobby Wratten is back and we have an appointment with perfection.I can’t really be objective about this. Which partly explains why I’ve avoided writing this review, but then doing nothi…



The last holy writer

Trembling Blue Stars [Times]foto: Archivo Elefant



Top 10 "Cosas que chocan en la noche de miedo"

Trembling Blue Stars (Bobby Wratten)Antes de crear Trembling Blue Stars, el británico Bobby Wratten se hizo querer por su trabajo en The Field Mice y Northern Picture Library, dos de los grupos-enseña del mítico sello Sarah Records. Con Trembling Blue Stars ha encontrado la estabilidad para dar s…



Thes last holy writer

Trembling Blue Stars [Clash]foto: Archivo Elefant



The last holy Writer [uk]

Trembling Blue Stars [Saturday?s Independent]foto: Archivo Elefant











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