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El Planeta Amarillo Fanzine [Es]: Reseña Mini-LP 10" "I Words Could Kill"



Rekwired [Uk]: Reseña "If Words Could Kill"

BRINGING BACK WHAT ONCE WAS: THE SILVER FACTORYThe Silver Factory have released a mini LP on Elefant Records called “If Words Could Kill”. Marc Johnston, Matt Vinall, Fran Feely, Luke Headland and Paul Hobbs are located in Leicester, England. Even though it goes to say you don’t need to live i…



Louder Than War [Uk]: Reseña "If Words Could Kill"

The Silver Factory – If Words Could Kill – album reviewThe Silver Factory – If Words Could Kill (Elefant)10″ LP  / DLAvailable nowThe debut LP from Elefant signing The Silver Factory has shades of late ’80s period Stone Roses through its happy-go-lucky guitar-driven garage pop.This sev…



Austin Town Hall [Uk]: Reseña "If Words Could Kill"

The Silver Factory – If Words Could KillRating: ★★★ · ·Over the last few years, the music scene has blossomed with bands foraging through their record collections, looking to find a sound from the past that they can adapt to their own projects.  When Fran Feely set about organizing The…



The Sound Of Confusion [Uk]: Reseña "If Words Could Kill"

The Silver Factory - If Words Could Kill  Album review by KevW Ah indiepop, most of us have fallen in love with you, got fed up and trotted off to explore the plethora of other sounds out there, only to come crawling back to the irresistible sunny melodies, alluring guitar chimes and simple pop ap…



The Indie Handbook [Uk]: Artículo sobre Giorgio Tuma, The Silver Factory y The Yearning

Presenting Elefant Records’ latest jukebox romanceA few days ago, in an attempt to find something new to listen to in the car, I pulled out a few Brazillian bossa nova CDs I grabbed when Tower Records closed it’s Chicago stores in 2007. I loved them at the time, but, to be honest, I haven’t r…



Shindig Happening [En]: Reseña Mini-LP 10" "If Words Could Kill"

Record Review - The Silver Factory  THE SILVER FACTORYIf Words Could KillElefant 10"Pop music has a bad rap these days, what with all the bloody boy bands and manufactured one-hit wonders, but Leicester band The Silver Factory know what makes great pop music and with this seven track mini-LP on Sp…











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