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Penny Black Music [Es]: Indietracks [Live Reviews]

Artist: Indietracks Title: Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, Derbyshire,24/7/2015 Category: Live Reviews Author: Dixie Ernill Date Published: 25/08/2015 An early dart from work to avoid the brunt of the commuter traffic around Manchester, followed by a pleasant meander through the Peak Di…



Austin Town Hall [En]: School In The Middle Of Summer!

School In The Middle Of Summer!Well, lucky for you, not exactly. More like Cardiff pop band The School have released a killer single (for free!) from their upcoming record Wasting Away and Wondering that’s due out September 4th from Elefant Records. Now, a few months back I shared with you a…



L'Attimo Fuggente [It]: "Do I Love You?", Single de la semana [Podcast]

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Sounds XP [En]: All I Want From You Is Everything [Crítica]

The School  All I Want From You Is Everything Elefant RecordsThis is the sound of endless summer with the threat of perpetual heartbreak on the horizon. The School – now 8 years old and counting – have elements of girl-group pop, northern soul and C86 indiepop, all sweetly arrang…



Rockdelux: Minipop Festival [Crónica]



The Clash [En]: The School - 'All I Want From You Is Everything'

Part of Cardiff's rich DIY scene, The School are a joyous indie pop explosion.Steeped in classic pop songwriting – think the Brill Building, Phil Spector and more – the band have a delightfully off kilter way of assessing these influences.New EP 'All I Want From You Is Ev…



Je Ne Sais Pop [Es]: The School, hay una carta para vosotros

Como avance del próximo disco de The School, los autores de ‘Loveless Unbeliever‘ y ‘Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything‘, sacarán un single de 7 pulgadas y cuatro canciones el próximo 13 de abril, a través de Elefant. El tema principal se llama ‘All I Want From You Is Everyth…











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