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NME [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Crítica]



Buzz Magazine [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Crítica]



Voix De Garage Grenoble [En]: Wasting away and wondering [Crítica]

The SCHOOLWasting away and wondering, LP, CD,Digital Elefant Rds  Si cet album est bourré de charmes rétros, il ne sonne pas passéiste à tout crin. Et c’est sa marque de fabrique : un fragile équilibre entre plusieurs éléments et tentations. Et ces tentations sont tellement attirantes.  …



When You Motor Away [En]: Wasting Away And Wondering [Crítica]

The School - Wasting Away And WonderingSorry, noiseniks, it is a rainy Tuesday morning and the day demands to be jump started with some indie pop.  Fortunately, The School has things covered with their new album Wasting Away And Wondering.  The sweet spot for this assembly of musicians from Ca…



Peterborough Telegraph [En]: Álbum "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Reseña]



Kexp [Es]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Crítica]

The third album from this 8-piece Welsh band led by Liz Hunt is a sweet set of ‘60s-steeped pop reminiscent of Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian. The album’s lush pop sound combines guitars, keyboards, strings, horns and a variety of percussion with breathy, plaintive vocals, lovelorn lyrics …



For The Rabbits [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Reseña]

The School  Wasting Away And Wondering All that talk of pop music was of course to get around to the welcome return of one of the most classically poppy pop bands around. The School, are everything a pop band should be, except for the fact, without wanting to sound rude, they’re not all that p…











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