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Red Carper [Es]: El otoño suena a “The School”

Vicente Rodrigo. Madrid, 16/09/2015.El grupo de Gales regresa con un tercer disco lleno de referencias fieles a su impecable trayectoria: melodías nostálgicas, acordes sesenteros y su característico optimismo naif. La inconfundible voz de Liz tiñe nuestras tardes de otoño con “Wasting tim…



BBC RADIO Wales [En]: Exclusive mixes from The School

Adam Walton Presents   Adam WaltonListen in pop-out playerExclusive mixes from The School and Cam's Gwenno Saunders and Rhys Edwards.  The Blossoms That's When The Tears Fall Add "The Blossoms || Thats When The Tears Fall" to PlaylisterAdd to Playlister Wreckless Eri…



The Digital Fix [En]: Liz Hunt takes us on a tour through The School's new album

Liz Hunt takes us on a tour through The School's new album  EVERY DAYI wanted to make sure people didn't think this album is as sad as the title implies - it's actually the complete opposite, and this is such a cheery opening track. This one is about realising you're happy exactly w…



Troublezine [It]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Crítica]

The School, Wasting Away And WonderingCi sono dischi che vincono già dalla copertina, ci sono dei gruppi che hanno impressa la parola "batticuore" nel loro DNA, ci sono emozioni che, veicolate dalla musica, arrivano a inebriarci e a coinvolgere tutti i nostri sensi. E tutto questo ha un nome: "Was…



The Album Wall [En]: "Wasting Away and Wondering" [Crítica]

Review: Wasting Away and Wondering by The SchoolThe great thing about pop music is its ability to elevate simple, ordinary statements like "I love you" or "I'll see you soon" to the level of poetry, of high art, of grand drama. There's a perfect example of this on The School's new LP,Wa…



God Is In The TV [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Reseña]

 by Loz EtheridgeUh oh. I am about to be accused of “lazy journalism” by the media’s playground Mafia, I’m sure. There’s no getting away from it though – The School sound like Saint Etienne at their commercial best, perhaps on occasion mixed with the eighties indie jangle of The D…



Dagger Zine [En]: "Wasting Away And Wondering" [Crítica]

The School- WASTING AWAY AND WONDERING (ELEFANT)Like another UK bunch who they remind me a bit of, Camera Obscura, I wish this Cardiff, Wales bunch would make it over to these shores. C.O. were getting over here every few years but sadly, I’m not sure if The School ever have (maybe a stop in NYC …











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