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Roots And Branches [En]: "New Thrills" [Reseña]

Among the acts they’ve supported are THE PRIMITIVES who themselves return with a new maxi-single following on from 2014’s Spin-O-Rama comeback album. Aptly titled New Thrills (Elefant), it opens in typical driving Prims sherbety-pop style with I'll Trust The Wind and proceeds through the dru…



Efe Eme [Es]: The Primitives lanzan cuatro nuevas canciones en vinilo

The Primitives lanzan cuatro nuevas canciones en viniloThe Primitives están de vuelta con un maxi de vinilo que contiene cuatro canciones nuevas: ‘I’ll Trust The Wind’, ‘Squeak ‘N’ Squawk’, ‘Oh Honey Sweet’ y ‘Same Stuff’. La tirada, limitada y numerada, consta de mil ejempla…



Monkey Picks [En]: "New Thrills" Single [Reseña]

THE PRIMITIVES - NEW THRILLS EP (2017)  I once asked Paul Court what he did when not occupied with Primitives business. Paul’s a quiet man of few words anyway but he appeared particularly stumped by this question and I didn’t get a straight answer, more a feeling that he didn’t actually do…



The Sunday Experience [En]: Single "New Thrills" [Reseña]

the primitivesby marklosingtodayUtterly adorable and at once breathless, feel good and primed with ear candy hooks aplenty, latest from the Elefant sound house comes courtesy of a new happening turntable twister-ella from the much-admired Primitives for this is ‘I’ll trust the wind’ – an e…



Tomatrax [En]: Interview with Paul Court from The Primitives

Interview with Paul Court from The PrimitivesThe Primitives, famous for the international hit single ‘Crash’ are back with a new four song EP to be released on 10 inch vinyl. Tomatrax caught up with Paul Court from the band to ask a few questions.You’ll be releasing a 10 inch EP of new mater…



Cryptic Rock [En]: Spin-O-Rama [Crítica]

THE PRIMITIVES – SPIN-O-RAMA (ALBUM REVIEW)Posted By aLfie vera mella  The Primitives catapulted to commercial popularity after the inclusion of their song “Crash” in the soundtrack of the 1994 movie Dumb & Dumber, which starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. However, in the New Wave/Indie …



I Really Thought You Were Dead [En]: The Primitivies

THE PRIMITIVES - ECHOES & RHYMES (2012)In many ways it was The Primitives that inspired this blog. Stumbling over the fact they had reformed, toured and released not one but two great albums, threw me for a six. It was just so out of the blue and completely unexpected sixteen years after they brok…











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