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BBC 2 RADIO [En]: Mark Radcliffe's Music Club [Audio]

26/11/2013Mark Radcliffe's Music Club is back in session. Music fans are most welcome. This week there's music from Pink Floyd, Toy and Magic Theatre. And Wayne Ryles from Stoke-on-Trent supplies The First, The Last, My Everything.  The Magic TheatreThe Sampler



The Macramé Conference [En]: The Long Way Home, by The Magic Theatre

   I can’t really write music reviews. I don’t read enough music reviews to be able to imitate the style, for starters. I tend to find new music through recommendations, podcasts, and these days, searching Bandcamp for tags, styles and even specific instruments.    I also find it hard to b…



Troublezine [It]: Entrevista "The Long Way Home"

The Magic Theatre, The Long Way HomeC'è classicismo, grazia, eleganza e reale trasporto in questo secondo disco dei Magic Theatre. Dan Popplewell and Sophia Churney non abbandonano la via di un chamber pop ricco di arrangiamenti orchestrali e barocchi, ma nello stesso tempo pieno anche di dett…



The Strange Brew [En]: "The Long Way Home" [Reseña]

The Magic Theatre – The Long Way Home Elefant RecordsReview by Jason BarnardThe Magic Theatre’s new album The “Long Way Home” is a late contender for the best album of the year. The duo of Dan Popplewell and Sophia Churney make sumptuous orchestrated baroque and roll. Their ingredients tas…



Pop Junkie [Es]: The long Way Home [Reseña]

The Magic Theatre – The Long Way Home reviewPOSTED ON NOVEMBER 18, 2013   It took me a long time before I succumbed to the first Magic Theatre record London Town. A concept album about time traveling lovers split between the late nineteenth century and the 1960s with an orchestra and choir…



Psychedelic Folk [En]: Reseña álbum "The Long Way Home"

Magic TheatreLP/CD (2013)Once in a while a new song related album succeeds to really surprise you. In the late 60s/early 70s, it wasn’t so unusual to give all attention to the best sort of production and therefore mix orchestral and more progressive rock arrangements to the songs to bring out the …



Je Ne Sais Pop: Video "It Was Glorious"

The Magic Theatre, en Madrid con Cristina Quesada Por JNSP | 07 Nov 13, 10:08 The Magic Theatre, el grupo formado por Dan Popplewell y Sophia Churney, a los que muchos recordaréis por Ooberman, publica un segundo disco llamado ‘The Long Way Home’ en Elefant el próximo 18 de noviembre. Ant…











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