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Psychedelic Folk [En]: Reseña álbum "The Long Way Home"

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Magic Theatre

LP/CD (2013)





Once in a while a new song related album succeeds to really surprise you. In the late 60s/early 70s, it wasn’t so unusual to give all attention to the best sort of production and therefore mix orchestral and more progressive rock arrangements to the songs to bring out the best in them. Hardly any new albums get such an approach. Magic Theatre however is provided with exactly that sort of attention. There are chamber music-like arrangements mixed with electric bass or fuzz guitars, a plucked violin arrangement to the band's rhythms, a few reverb effects when needed, arrangements of various acoustic pickings mixed with mellotron (?) for some more Agincourt-like folk-psych track with French lyrics. Then we even hear harp with a string orchestra, one track with an Americana touch and even some Brazil percussion on a more poppy track. If needed/fit well, there is a more lush orchestra present in the background, all very well mixed/arranged/produced with perfectly balanced contrasts. Sophia Churney’s voice works very well in these dreamier-happy settings, bringing us to a sort of Alice-In-Wonderland dreams and happiness but also suits well for slightly poppier or also slightly melancholic songs, provokes a warm summer-feeling, with a young and bright emotionality.


Magic Theatre is just a duo, consisting of Dan Popplewell and Sophia Churney. This is their second album which I am sure is destined to be liked. If only people have the chance to become acquainted with it. Recommended.










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