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White Light [En]: Video Of The Day : LINDA GUILALA “Primavera Negra”

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Video Of The Day : LINDA GUILALA “Primavera Negra”


“Primavera Negra” is the unexpected new limited 7inch single by the veteran indie / dreampop / shoegaze Spanish trio from Vigo, comprised of former Juniper Moon Iván (drums) and Eva (keyboards, vocals) plus Mari (guitar), Linda Guilala, due out 26 January via Elefant Records.

After the amazing critically acclaimed 2016 album ‘Psiconáutica’, defined by urgent and effective walls of sound, the new single takes a different direction with a slightly psychedelic dreamlike atmosphere, where delicate distorted guitars, swells of hazy keyboards and doleful vocals intertwine to create melancholic and blissful melodies that overwhelm your senses and touch your soul deeply.

The Spanish trio provide another flash of intriguing and passionate songwriting skill with an innate knack for drawing enticing frames of precious beauty.










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