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Shindig! Happening! [En]: Reseña álbum "Cosmos"

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“Cosmos” (Elefant, 2013)


It’s been four years since Carlos Valderrama and his Neapolitan bandmates treated us to their airy pop confections, and Cosmos is the perfect comeback. The usual Bacharach, Beach Boys, and Beatles influences hover throughout, with lush, romantic instrumentals caressing our eardrums with loving nods at the DeWolfe Music library and breezy ‘60s Euro soundtracks. Add Paster’s Brazil ’66-styled cooing and wordless vocals rivaling Edda Dell’Orso at her peak (check out ”Laura” and “Vederti Distante”) and you’ve got the perfect bachelor pad cocktail brewing for a hot Saturday bungle in the jungle.             


“Le Intenzioni Del Re” adds a bright jazzy bounce to the proceedings, while “Lui”’s soaring vocals, swirling keyboards, and bubbly strings and brass punctuations create a perfect beachside atmosphere. The title track and the burping synth ditty “Disco Quiz” prove disco is alive and well and maybe not all that bad (gadzooks!) and the entire set is a Fluffernutter for the brain. Fantastico! (Review created for It’s Psychedelic Baby

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