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Pennyblack Music [Uk]: Reseña álbum "BMX Bandits In Space"

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BMX Bandits: BMX Bandits in Space 


Reviewed By: Anthony Strutt 
Label: Elefant Records 
Format: CD

The return of BMX Bandits is a wonderful thing, and makes a perfect present for fans of indie pop of all ages. As wacky as ever, the band offer fifteen slices of poetry from the wit and charm of Duglas T. Stewart.

It starts off with 'In Space', which sounds as odd as you would expect and sci fi like. Duglas's vocal is heavenly, and is backed by an angelic choir.
'Still' also features Japanese duo, Plectrum, who are Taisuke Takata and Akira Fujita. It is a joy-filled love song , a beautiful number for the cold months ahead. 'Beautiful Friend' is an upbeat romp, upon which Duglas' rough-edged vocals is backed by honey-silked backing vocals from the group's second singer, Rachel Allison. 

'Look at You, Look at Me' also includes Cineplexx, which is the nom de plume for Argentinian-born, but London-based musician Sebastian Limanovich. It is like a Burt Bacharach number, arranged by Richard Hawley, and is touched by a golden glow.'Like the Morning Sun' is also Hawley-flavoured, and sung by Rachel so it comes over like a mid 60's-influenced Beautiful South number. 

'Listen to Some Music' is again like the Beautiful South and is an easy listening swayer, quite twee but charming, a track for the mature indie pop fan. 'Elegant Love Again' also involves Cineplexx, and is a well-produced number, which recalls Wham's 'Last Christmas' but without the Christmas vibe. 

'And It's You' is like a lo-fi Belle and Sebastian number, very twee, but still lovely all the same. 'You Disappointed Me' is a head-bopping number, and is sung by Rachel in big Cinemascope-sized fashion. 

'Fucked Up This Time' has a mid 1970's gentle flow to it. This is like pre-digital age film in story formwith a funky bass line, which gives your head a reason to bop along with Duglas' golden vocal. 'Firework' is a total joy, and, with it twee lyrics and summery vibe, a song to take you back to your youth. 

'All Around the World' is another track that is reminiscent of the Beautiful South. 'And While We're Dancing' has a strong Jewish/Scottish feel to it, and sung as a duet is as strong as a Cohen-style waltz. 

'The Unforgiven', which is pressed to sound like an old vinyl record as it crackles, is a soft piano-assisted piece., a vocal that could melt the hardest of hearts. 'In Space (End Theme)' is short and sweet, an instrumental to tail end this fine piece of work. 










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