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Farewell to Forever Exclusive Interview With Bobby WrattenWe met Bobby (and Matt) in a pub just before the Cinerama gig at the Garage on 24th February 2000. It was a rainy night (and so it should be if you ask me), and Bobby arrived late as he was coming from Surrey, where he lives, and trains were …



Broken by whispers

Trembling Blue StarsBroken by Whispers[Sub Pop]He may tremble and be perpetually blue, but Robert Wratten is certainly no star. He does hold a venerable position in the pantheon of twee-pop, having fronted the Field Mice, the late-'80s missing link between the Smiths and Belle & Sebastian. But as al…




Pick a Star That's BlueUsed with permisson - © SimonInterview to Simon for Music for Girls #1 (August 1999) Bobby Wratten wowed many an indie-kid as singer-songwriter in The Field Mice and latterly Northern Picture Library. He now exists in the form of Trembling Blue Stars. We asked him about his l…




Melody Maker, June 1996 - Interview to Everrett True © Melody Maker From heartbreak and memories comes TREMBLING BLUE STARS' magical songs. Play when alone. Obsession and heartache can sometimes make for the most affecting of music. Throughout his sorjourn as singer / songwriter in Sarah Records'…











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