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The last holy writer

Trembling Blue Stars Return With The Last Holy Writer
Although he's sworn off the whole playing live thing, Bobby Wratten hasn't forgotten the kids who'd prefer to pine away their hours in dimly lit bedrooms, watching the raindrops roll down their windowpanes, lost in wistful reverie-- all while indulging in the Sarah Records catalogue.

Hence, Wratten's present, post-Sarah outfit Trembling Blue Stars returns May 14 with the UK release of The Last Holy Writer, on Spain's Elefant Records. Produced by longtime Wratten associate Ian Catt and available on CD and 2x10", Writer also hits the U.S. on June 4 via Darla, and France and Germany on June 7.

The disc follows up 2004's The Seven Autumn Flowers and features 12 tracks of what Wratten and company do best, including quite a few with lead vocals by Beth Arzy (formerly of Aberdeen). Fans may rest assured, as Wratten's fixation with nautical metaphors is very much intact on this record.

Field Mouse/Northern Picture Librarian Wratten (who also plays in the Occasional Keepers, his collaboration with members of the Wake) has promised another Trembling Blue Stars release, the Exploring the Shadows EP, for later this year. TBS will also appear on the forthcoming Love Goes On tribute to the Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan, due September 25 from Rare Victory.

The Last Holy Writer:

01 By False Lights
02 Idyllwild
03 Sacred Music
04 This Once Was an Island
05 The Coldest Sky
06 Schnee Gletscher Glas
07 November Starlings
08 Darker, Colder, Slower
09 From a Pale Blue Rosary
10 Say Goodbye to the Sea
11 The Tenth of Always
12 A Statue to Wilde

Posted by Matthew Solarski in album on Fri: 05-11-07

Trembling Blue Stars [Pitchfork]
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