THE LAST DETAIL: "Fun Fair" Advance Digital Single of the album The Last Detail

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Erin Moran (A GIRL CALLED EDDY) and Mehdi Zannad (FUGU) have made an album together, which is going to be released on Elefant Records. The collaboration began to take shape when Zannad fell in love with Erin’s exquisite voice on her debut album “A Girl Called Eddy” - produced with Richard Hawley and critically acclaimed in the press from Uncut to Mojo to Rolling Stone and The New York Times, while Erin was a fan of FUGU from the very first album - which she bought as a ‘staff recommends’ at the old Kim’s Video on Bleecker St. in New York City.

Erin Moran was born in the same hospital as Frank Sinatra in Hoboken (New Jersey), raised on the “Jersey Shore”, but has called NYC her home for decades. When her debut album was released in 2004, it not only received critical acclaim from the press, but also acquired her some A-list fans: childhood hero’s like Burt Bacharach and Gilbert O’Sullivan, and artists as diverse as Robert Smith of THE CURE, to Tracey Thorn, Jane Birkin, and Nina Persson. She can be heard singing on records by Ron Sexsmith, SUPER FURRY ANIMALS and many more, but interestingly (as Mehdi first heard her) she is the voice of the girl in the duet with Philippe Katerine; indie hit “Parlez-Vous Anglais Mr. Katerine?” which also just so happens to be the opening song on the Elefant compilation “Montecarlo” (released in 1997 for the inauguration of the “Colección De Las Ciudades”).
Many have been wondering for years when A GIRL CALLED EDDY was going to release a second album… We finally have an answer to that question - at the beginning of 2019! (with a single before the end of this year) While waiting for that fans can calm their nerves with this very special project in collaboration with Mehdi Zannad.

Mehdi is a pop-raconteur: not only an established musician, songwriter, producer, but an architectural drawing master as well. He’s exhibited his work in gallery’s all over France and has been teaching in some of Paris’ most esteemed institutions. He’s released two marvelous albums as FUGU, singles shared with STEREOLAB and SAINT ETIENNE, co-wrote on the soundtrack for the film “La France” by Serge Bozon in 2007, arranged for Barbara Carlotti and TAHITI 80, produced APRIL MARCH, as well as releasing a delicious single on Elefant Records in 1998.

Erin and Mehdi met up in London, Paris and Nancy to write, and along the way held recording sessions in the band TAHITI 80’s Lab/recording studio in Rouen (where Zannad recorded his second full length, “As Found”). Erin wrote choruses that Mehdi turned into songs, and vice-versa, and both had brought some of their own already-written tunes on board when in 2014 Elefant Records showed up on the scene and offered them the possibility of making an album after hearing the first four songs from the project.
Sessions were booked, orchestra’s were contracted! and the record started to take shape with the help of various members of Mehdi’s core band of FUGU, as well as members of TAME IMPALA, SYD MATTERS and TAHITI 80.

It was really hard for us to choose a song to shine as the advance single of such a special album, especially because the stylistic diversity is one of its strongest qualities, but we finally decided on “Fun Fair”, a delicious song full of romanticism, that evokes the delicacy of Françoise Hardy, the emotional strength of Michel Legrand and the baroque elegance of absolutely exceptional arrangements. To do this, Erin shows off a contained but sober voice that is deep but warm, subtle but disarming, and which is made clear in the video recorded by Lucie (film director)and Laurent (musician in the Parisian group DORIAN PIMPERNEL). In the video, the actress Milo Mcmullen plays Erin, with an impassive look, lost in the horizon, and she suddenly turns, a little wink at the camera, and everything makes sense, everything burns unrepentantly.

But this is just the beginning of a great album by THE LAST DETAIL. It is an album destined to be a modern classic that we cannot wait for you to finally hear in its entirety. For now, we give you the magnificent “Fun Fair”.



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