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SAGRADO CORAZÓN DE JESÚS is Jesús Fernández’s secret alter ego. From Logroño, under the protection of a nom de guerre like this, he writes beautiful songs that talk of humanity and its concerns, of the fear of the present and of our species belonging (or not) on this planet. And as it couldn’t be any other way, the pop seeps out of his every pore, with stories about the pretty and the mundane intertwining with the magic of atoms, the lengths of waves, the spirals of DNA, and harmonic vibration. That is his faith.



From the start, he learns to play the violin a little, and also a little music theory and harmony. The crucial moment and opportunity come about thanks to collaborations with two groups. One of these collaborations is playing the violin with MANO DE SANTO, with whom he enjoyed his first experience in the album-recording process, and where he also learned a bit about hardware and software. In 2013 it was KOKOSHCA who requested his services. Everything took off after that: he had to start writing songs, actively and creatively. At first he starts TÁCTEL with Izaskun and Nacho, but Jesús  soon begins to head off on a path of his own. Since then everything has happened at the speed of light.


He releases two demos on Bandcamp that get a lot of attention for how delicious their melodies are and how peculiar their lyrics are. Soon, Discos de Kirlian make an offer to release the songs on CD. The songs suffer a small mutation until they become “Opera Omnia” (a title that pays homage very discreetly to ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES’ greatest hits).


From that moment, Elefant Records notices him, and the result is “Locus amœnus”, a Mini-LP with 7 songs that were written over the summer of 2014, and which Genis Segarra (HIDROGENESSE, ASTRUD) has arranged together under his responsibilities as mixer and recorder, and he has created this spontaneous conceptual album about pop and survival.








Release "Locus Amœnus", a 10" Mini-LP for our vinyl collection "New Adventures In Pop"  








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