PUTOCHINOMARICÓN “arthoe" Single Digital

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After “soy un idiota” and “tu padre es un facha y tu madre una terf”, we bring you “arthoe”, the latest advance single from “pasadas de moda”, the second album from PUTOCHINOMARICÓN’s project, “Segundos Minutos Horas Días”. This song takes a deeper look at the idea of the artist as an object of consumption, and their commercialization in the XXI century. All of this is done with an electroclash rhythm, somewhere between LE TIGRE and FISCHERSPOONER, and with a clear tribute to CSS’ “Art Bitch”.


Chenta’s pen is once again a powerful weapon. “Porque querer es poder / Porque el poder es querer / Y con esfuerzo y tiempo, si yo he podido tú también” (Because love is power / Because power is love / And with time and effort, if I can do it so can you), which is a direct critique of the culture of effort and meritocracy. How can we not remember that broken toy that Michael Jackson was with lines like: “Tan fácil como ABC / Tan fácil como 1,2,3 / No me importa la fama y me importa también” (It’s easy as ABC / As simple as 1, 2, 3 / I don’t care about the fame but I care about the fame).


Another immediate, danceable song to sing along with and shout at the top of your lungs. It makes it clear, once again, what a state of grace – both musically and conceptually – PUTOCHINOMARICÓN is in.





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