PIPIOLAS (Feat. RIGOBERTA BANDINI) "La Niña Bonita" Single Digital

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This beautiful story begins on November 19, 2022. In the bullring arena in Murcia. PIPIOLAS and Rigoberta Bandini share a stage. They are nervous. They admire the author of “Ay Mamá”, “Canciones de Amor a Ti” and so many others. It is a magical night. They meet, they become mutual fans. An online friendship begins.


Fast forward to today. This friendship grows, feeds on itself, and finally, gives musical fruit. “La Niña Bonita” is a collaboration, a space of perfect juxtaposition between two artistic universes that understand each other perfectly. The story of a girl who feels sad and undeserving of love. A tour de force to the beat of electronic pop with lines that will definitely be screamed endlessly at concerts: “Dice que tiene pena / Que no vale la pena / Que ya no es quien era / Y yo no quiero esta suerte de mierda” (She says she’s sad / That it’s not worth it / That she isn’t who she used to be / And I don’t want that shitty luck). Because “La Niña Bonita” brings together with incredible skill the delicacy and heartbreaking spirit of a woman whose dreams are broken and who has the strength of those who wanted to teach her that love should never hurt.


An event like this needs a music video worthy of its stature. Raquel Calvo makes it clear once again that her exercises in animation are absolutely marvelous, and she takes children’s drawing into the blue world of the beautiful girl (the name of the song in Spanish). And PaulaAdriana and Rigoberta dive right into this world to help the girl, to accompany her and help her be happy. The cover for the single is also by Raquel and is a free interpretation of the scene from "Bande À Part" when the three stars run through the Louvre holding hands; a scene later revived by Bertolucci in "The Dreamers".


Take the beautiful girl’s hand. You will find PIPIOLAS and Rigoberta Bandini, and the power of music to make you feel like you will never be alone again.






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