A GIRL CALLED EDDY "Finest Actor" Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 Finest Actor


We are still pulling out the gems that have made “Been Around” one of the albums of the year. “Finest Actor” is one of those exercises in which Erin Moran proves herself to be a master at managing melancholy and sadness, with elegance and strength, conjuring a combination of absolutely exquisite details (that guitar with tremolo, that clavichord, the piano), making her a unique figure in the current music scene. To go with the release of this Digital Single, we have a new video, in which a woman in the autumn of her life goes to the movies to submerge herself in memories of the great Hollywood classics: Gary Cooper, James Dean... There is only one other person in the audience in the whole theater. And at the exit… That thing that happens in life in the big city happens. For the second time on this album, Tom Gagnaire directs the video, once again using the effect of cameras like the PANASONIC NV-M5EP, distorting colors and creating special textures, and even more so considering the cinematic tribute of this audiovisual work. Like the best liquor, Erin Moran’s albums must be savored sip by sip, little by little, letting the flavor strengthen. Pure pleasure.




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